Frequently Asked Questions

How will you stay in communication with me?

At the start of the job, we will set up a time where we can meet with you at the jobsite every week until the job is completed.  At this meeting, we will review the progress of the job, go over any other details that need to be discussed, and progress payments can be collected at this meeting as well.  Phone calls and emails made after hours or on the weekend will be returned at the start of the next work day.  

How long will my job take?

At the start of the job, we will provide you with a production schedule.  Completion dates will be given for each phase as well as for the whole project, and we will review our progress against this schedule at our meeting every week. 

 When can you start my job?

Much of that depends on you.  Jobs go much smoother if all major decisions are made and all finishes and fixtures are decided upon, ordered and delivered to the jobsite.  After signing up with us we will give you a list of all decisions that are needed from you throughout the entire job.  On that list we will note what decisions we need from you before we can start your job.  Most of these items are items that we will need early on in the project or items that may have long lead times.

Can you certify our project as being Built Green?

Yes.  There are a number of certifications available including Built Green, LEED, Living Building, Passive House, and the American Lung Association Health House.  We have certified a number of projects with Built Green, the most prevalent in our area for residential remodels.  Please ask us to learn more if you are interested. 

How do your prices compare?

We believe in a fair transaction.  Each aspect of every job is carefully deconstructed into its parts and is assigned a historically proven cost.  It is in this way that we build you a proposal with no extra waste or fluff.  After shopping around, many of our customers have told us that our prices are competitive.  Also, be sure to see the attached article from Remodeling Magazine that lists national, regional and city wide average costs for common remodeling projects.  

Who will be doing the work on my home?

The work on your home will be completed by our crew, and depending on the job, one or more of our subcontractors.  We have put much effort into selecting, screening, training and managing our employees and subcontractors and are very proud of the team that we have assembled.                    

Do you accept referrals?

Yes!  In fact, referrals are the back bone of our business.  You can be sure that we will be asking you if you know anyone else who is considering a remodeling project at anytime in the future.  If you are pleased with the service that we provide to you, we would also greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to write a brief paragraph about your experience with us on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google Reviews, or Service Magic.