What is green?

Having grown up in a household where the washing machine was stopped for every load of clothes, the drain water collected and then used to flush the toilets, you could say that being green is in our blood.

We feel that it is everyone's responsibility to do their part for the environment. An especially heavy burden falls on the construction industry's shoulders as 30% of all waste entering a land fill is construction related, our homes and buildings use 72% of all electricity consumption in the United States and account for 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions, and the creation of building products like cutting trees for lumber, quarries for natural stone tile, and foundries for metal all take tolls on the environment.

Built Square understands that building "green" simply means building better. Using materials more efficiently through smart jobsite practices, reusing and recycling whenever possible and selecting materials with a lesser environmental footprint. Lowering your operational costs by performing energy efficient upgrades, and using energy efficient equipment and systems. Increasing health and indoor air quality by reducing toxins and pollutants. And preserving ecosystems through responsible site and water management.

We look forward to helping you find your inner green. Give us a call today.