Montlake DADU

This DADU (or detached accessory dwelling unit) included a 2 car garage, a full workshop below the garage and a full separate guest quarters.  

This was all connected to the original house by a skybridge.  This was a real challenge on matching the floor levels on all three stories to the 1900’s construction of the original home.  We even matched the 100 year old flagstone to make this addition seem like it has always been there.   Trellises were built throughout for future landscaping. 

 This was a really technical build.  The site was classified as an ECA due to the steep slope, requiring a geo tech to be onsite for much of the excavation phase as well as considerable consultation from a civil engineer on our storm water control.  The foundation walls were 30’ high on two of the sides!  Menter Byrne Architects.



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