Laurelhurst Master Bathroom Addition

The new owner’s of this home contacted us as soon as the sellers had signed their offer.  

They were thrilled to find a Lake Washington view home in their price range in a prestigious neighborhood, but the upstairs master bedroom lacked a bathroom and needed numerous cosmetic upgrades.

We decided to turn a very awkward closet/office space into a master bathroom worthy of the neighborhood.  This space was also relatively close to the existing drains of the main floor bath.  New his-and-hers closets were created on either side of the stairway landing to replace this lost storage space.

Budget constraints did not allow us to alter the exterior envelope of the home, so creating a feeling of spaciousness within the cramped closet was a challenge.  Upgrading the meager existing insulation with foam allowed us to vault the ceiling to address the limited ceiling height.  The now exposed collar ties were also replaced and stained to match the existing fir floors, frosted glass door and new railing in the adjacent master bedroom.

Maximizing the floor space was also important, so the toilet was located as close to the knee wall as possible while carefully calculating the headroom necessary for each of the toilet’s different uses.  A bench which runs the length of the room, with additional niche for extra towels, takes advantage of the lower ceiling height in this area.

A large drywall niche was created behind the vanity, using custom glass mirrors to create a very deep medicine cabinet.  Power outlets were included in this niche to keep electric toothbrushes and hair dryers off of the floating vanity with Walnut top.  To take further advantage of this space behind the knee walls, the vanity was made with 3’ deep pull out drawers.  A drywall niche beside the toilet keeps extra toilet paper and hand towels close by.  All of these niches were properly insulated, and saved the homeowner the cost of additional cabinetry. 

The marble shower is equipped with a ceiling mounted rain shower, hand shower, shampoo niche and custom shower glass.  Digital dimmers and occupancy sensor switches help to reduce lighting costs, while the heated marble floors help keep the occupants cozy.

The clients are very pleased with their end product; a comfortable, elegant master suite they will enjoy for years to come.





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